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About Scoliosisworkouts.com


What is Functional Scoliosis

Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature of the spine which tends to be difficult to spot as a child but becomes more noticeable in adolescence and adulthood. As our bodies go through puberty and our growth spurts kick in, a number of different factors can contribute to the development of Scoliosis. Ever heard people tell you not to carry your rucksack on one shoulder, or your parents telling you to sit up straight? These are just some examples of bad postural habits that have had a severe impact on people's lives in their adult years

Scoliosisworkouts.com Objectives

This site specializes in how to treat scoliosis using a specific training program designed to help target areas of the body that need to be strengthened, stretched and isolated in order to achieve a strong, pain free body.

The reason I made this website is because as a scoliosis sufferer myself, I have found little to no information on how to cure or treat scoliosis that is genuine and was not just simply forcing a product down my throat that I did not believe in. My story is a long one, but to summarize it, I never realized I had functional scoliosis until I was around 23 years of age. Not having been the sporty type, I always attributed my postural problems and uneven muscles to being tall and slim but this was not the case. When diagnosed, I took it upon myself to find out, through research, trial and error, what were the best ways to treat functional scoliosis and reduce the pains in the upper body muscles, lower back and hips that would occur as a result of the muscle imbalance.

 For more information on how to develop a strong and built physique despite functional scoliosis  have a look at the workouts and body transformation pages in the menu.

It took me years of different exercises that I had to modify in order not to worsen my scoliosis condition and to develop a strong body to the point that nowadays it is hardly noticeable that I have a curvature of the spine due to a leg length discrepancy. 

Bodybuilding and Functional Scoliosis

We all go to the gym to look good and develop muscles. Anyone who denies that is either a marathon runner or lying. Period. Thousands of passionate bodybuilders and gym goers who have functional scoliosis struggle to achieve the symmetrical body they want.

The truth is, it is not impossible to achieve a high degree of symmetry and remedy muscle imbalances despite having functional scoliosis. You just have to do things differently and be patient!

Bodybuilding is a passion and those who lift weights and see results more often than not get hooked. The release of endorphins and the pump you get while working out is a great feeling and there is no reason that something such as functional scoliosis should stop one from experiencing it!