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What do these pictures show?

I might not be the most ripped or biggest person in the gym, but my progress over the last six months has been steady and visible. Unlike all the schemes out there in the internet, I am not here to sell some garbage about getting a six pack in 30 days or losing x amount of pounds in so and so time.

None of that. The goal is to show all people suffering from functional scoliosis that it is possible to fix muscle imbalances, strengthen the back muscles and treat scoliosis related pains.

When I first started my strength training, my hip tilting was more prominent as a result of weak lower back muscles and abs but this all changed as I focused more on isometric exercises. With resistance bands, dumbells and developing different workouts to treat my functional scoliosis, I am feeling stronger and better than ever, without feeling bulky or inflexible.

Have a look below. When i look back at these pictures I am just in disbelief as to how I did not realise that one leg was shorter. But then again the human body is amazing in the sense that it adjust in a way to be functional. The leg drops lower, the hip tilts, you can walk straight (kind of) and only when you start working out at the gym and see results that you realise something is not right.


6 Months Ago: Weighing 78kg (Click on image to expand)


3 Months Ago: Weighing 84 (Click on image to expand)

I start to pack on more weight, you can see my right hand side is dropping slightly still. As seen in the image on the right, 90% of the weight is muscle!


Now: weighing 90kg, Back is symmetrical, packed on muscle, notice on the right my hips are not tilting to any one side

Are you finding it hard to pack on muscle evenly? Maybe your functional scoliosis comes as a result of years of bad posture, a leg length discrepancy or carrying heavy rucksacks on one side of your body.

Here I am after my cutting season, you can see that quite a lot of muscle has remained, which I am happy with, but unfortunately my right trapezius still needs quite a lot of isolated work. This will always be the struggle for those who have functional scoliosis and do weightlifting. The most important thing is to keep positive and work on your weak points.

One thing is certain. There is a lack of knowledge about functional scoliosis and bodybuilding / strength training. Whenever I would ask a personal trainer or coach in some top grade gyms, they would give me some advice about 'doing a bit more on the uneven side' or 'just lift hard and heavy and everything will even out'. DO NOT DO THIS!

You will more likely cause a worsening of the muscle imbalances you are suffering from by ignoring your condition and continuing to lift 'heavy and hard' without the appropriate training regimen. Believe me, I had to learn the hard way. After following some of the advice I have come accross, I ended up with a very developed left back and almost non existent right back muscles. Needless to say, it was very easy to see and not only did it contribute to an aestethic problem, it also contributed to all sorts of pains, tight neck muscles on one side, lower back pain because of excess strain on one side of the body, the list goes on.

Do yourself a favor and only listen to those who have first hand experience with functional scoliosis workouts and proven results (as shown above).

My symptoms of scoliosis have been reduced by a huge margin and I have gotten stronger and my back is healthier because of my workouts, without the use of any drugs or medicines. Just eating well and training the right way.

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