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Great Shoulder Workout


Whether you suffer from functional scoliosis or not this is an amazing deltoid workout.

Give it a try!


Military Press and Behind the Neck Press: What you do here is first warm up with the bar doing 10 reps pushing from the front of your face and then 10 reps from behind the neck as the images show, then proceed to add your weight plates and perform 3x5 Military Press and 3x5 Behind the neck. Remember to go from front to back each set, meaning each set will be ten reps, five on each side, rest and do again totalling 3 sets.

<--Military Press | Behind the Neck Press --> 

Warning: When performing behind the neck presses you don't need to lower the bar too far down or rest it on your trapezius muscles. Rather going down to eye level is low enough and will prevent a rotator cuff injury.

Dumbbell Shoulder Press: 4 x 8 (Heavy Load, Same principle of going down to eye level, but you can increase your range of motion by lowering your elbows a bit more if you feel comfortable doing this)

Front Raise: 3 x 10

Lateral Raise: 3 x 10

<ying Rear Lateral raise: 3 x 10

Rotator Cuff Raise: 3 x 10

Cable Lateral Raise: 3 x 10

Upright Rows: 3 x 10

Throw in Some Triceps Work

Barbell Skullcrushers: 2 x 10 (Heavy load)

Tricep cable pull down: 3 x 10


If you do not feel like your shoulders, upper back and triceps have been worked out the following day, you either rested too much between sets or you did not pack on enough weights. 


Enjoy the results!