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Scoliosis Workouts


Rami's Functional Scoliosis Workout

This is my personal workout which has seen me get some amazing results. A combination of essential compound exercises and variations, Rami's Functional Scoliosis Exercises will ensure that you train all your muscle groups without exception and as a four day split, without consuming too much of your week.

 Exercising With Flat Feet 

roupIn this article I discuss the issues that are faced when you have either a flat foot or flat feet. From personal experience, flat feet be a nuissance when running or performing heavy load exercises such as the Squat or Deadlift. If you have flat feet and go to the gym you might just get some valuable insight.

The Big, Strong Arms Workout

For those who feel that having 'big' arms is necessary or have a certain physical goal they would like to achieve that involves extra attention on the arms. The big, strong arms workout is focused on developing big biceps, triceps, shoulders and forearms without neglecting the rest of the body or compound movements.

Ultimate Fat Burning Workout

No need to lash out £100.00 on DVDs that will give you free information. Follow this intense combination of resistance and cardiovascular training combined with the right nutrition and look at your bodyfat melt and muscles grow!

Great Shoulder Workout

Perhaps you feel your shoulders are lagging behind compared to the rest of your body? Incorporate this into your weekly split and feel the burn! Great way to workout all parts of the shoulders and upper back.